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The biggest news for MMC in a long time. You have probably read the news that we have been appointed the UK dealer for MotorTrike. These are one of the best trike conversions on the market at the moment. You can go and have a look at their website on .

So, where do we start on this subject? Hmmm. I suppose I will have to try and be a bit organised for a change - that's a first too, eh?

Let's start with where we are coming from with this. I have just come back from Texas (in fact to be completely honest this is being written on the aircraft somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.... Troup, Texas is the home of MotorTrike where the trike conversion kits are manufactured. For three days I lived trikes, being trained in the the ways of the company and how to do the trike conversions and learning how to ride one too! This is one great company to do the business with - I spent over an hour with the CEO talking trikes (yea, and talking bollocks, too...). Oh, we talked about the Stallion too - watch out for that one soon. Anyway, I am now fully trained. I will be building a Harley Ultraglide very soon for a customer plus a V Rod as a demo..  The shop will be having some changes too, such as enlarging the shop door so I can get a trike into the shop area. Oh, I suppose I will have to try and keep it a bit tidier too. Looks like a job for the lovely Fiona! New wife of a year now, in case you hadn't heard.

Ok, enough of the ramblings. You want a trike built. This can be for a number of reasons - most of us are getting a bit old and, sorry got to do this one, it gets more difficult to keep it up, the bike - look I waited a long time to get that gag in here, ok? So if the bike is getting a bit heavy for you, or the old injuries are getting the better of you, then a trike may be the way to go. There is the added bonus of a large amount of storage in the trunk, boot, whatever. Your wife, girlfriend will like the comfort too and the fact you can't fall over So, either we can trike your bike, or source a bike and do the whole thing. What bikes can be done? Harleys first. The FLH series i.e. Electraglide and Road Kings 2000 and up. Softails 2000 and up. V Rod. Converting Dynas is possible but not recommended. Honda Goldwings, 1500 &1800, Valkyrie. Triumph Rocket III.  The FLH and Softails can have a reverse gear fitted too. There are a whole host of options too, such as matching billet front wheel, trunk (boot) light, tow hitch, on board compressor for the air rear suspension, etc etc. The trike body can be colour matched to your present colour scheme or you can have a new paint job.

So, why MotorTrike? Well, they are a very well founded company who are in this for the long haul. A 3 year 30000 mile warranty? After that time they will talk about any failings... The rear suspension is based on a live axle with their patented ladder bar suspension. It also has air shox to enable you to adjust the suspension to loading and ride. The quality is very good - all the fibreglass moulding is hand laid (no, not doing a gag on that one..), all the fabricating, welding, etc. is all done in house. Oh, the axle retains belt drive on the Harleys too. There is a handbrake fitted too - needed to comply with the MoT regs. The idea is that the whole motortrike conversion looks like it came out the factory like that. Many trike conversions whilst working well, do look a bit, well, add on. The lighting can be done according to your wishes and will also comply with the regs for that - such as lights on the front of the rear mudguards etc. Another point to consider when having this sort of work done is if the company doing the work has full liability insurance - we have just put that in place to cover this work.

Latest news is that the V Rod demo is done and available to try. Please check out the Picture Gallery to see more pictures. I have 2 other Electraglides in progress for customers that you can always come and have a look at. I will post some pics very soon.



I can supply a complete motortrike converted bike, or convert your bike. A guide figure for a complete Harley Ultra Glide with all the options based on a 2/3 year old bike would be around 28500

Trike conversion kits by Motor Trike will fit Harley FLH, Softail, Dyna, V Rod, and Honda Goldwing, Valkyrie, Triumph Rocket III, and Victory.



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